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Driving The Solid State Battery Revolution

Planar Energy has developed a game-changing technology for solid state batteries for electronics and automotive applications. Lithium ion battery technology has hit a wall - batteries need substantial cost reductions to be viable for energy demanding applications.

Planar's technology is superior to Li-Ion at less than half the cost per kWh, with three times the energy density. Solid state batteries replace the plastics, binders, powders and liquids of Li-Ion batteries with durable, nanostructured films.

The fundamental challenge of solid state batteries is that current fabrication methods don't scale to large format batteries because of the cost of vacuum deposition. Planar has developed an alternative, game changing deposition process and has demonstrated the ability to make nanostructured electrolyte and electrode materials with superior chemistries using this process.

Latest News
Awards and Recognition
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2009 World Technology Award

Planar Energy receives the 2009 World Technology Award for Energy

2008 Governor's Business Diversification Awards

Planar honored by Florida Governor Charlie Crist as the "Newcomer" in the mega-market

2008 Florida High Tech Corridor William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation Award

The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission presented Planar with the Industry Innovation award.

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